Let me first introduce myself. As you may have noticed, my name is Marc. I was born in Spain and I like to define myself as an adventurer and constant hard-working person.

Why this webpage?

Since a couple of years ago I feel I am not only part of a latin country from the south of Europe, but from a bigger community called Earth. Someone could say this sentence is a bit too deep, others that it sounds like something mystical. For me this is how I feel right now, I don’t believe in borders.

For this reason I started this webpage. I wanted to show that it doesn’t matter where you were born but where you are in that precise moment.

What to find in this webpage?

For the moment, here you can find photo/blogs about experiences, travels and opinions developed from the point of view of this young spanish adventurer. Nevertheless, I am planning to add other topics in the near future if I feel happy with this webpage.

When to find something new in this webpage?

I don’t have the answer to this question, sorry. It will depend on my experiences and my writing/photo attitudes. For the moment I have hundreds of ideas and experiences that I’d like to share, let’s see until when it lasts.

Any ideas or comments about the page?

I am more than opened to read suggestions and opinions. Fill in the contact information you’ll find in the Contact tab and I will answer you. On the other hand you can also leave a reply at the end of any of the posts and start a public discussion. It is up to you!


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