Always good to go back home – Part I

Okay this is a new series of blogs. I don’t really like this word… BLOGS or BLOGGER, it sounds retarded to me. I think that nowadays that word has become something related to freak writers that like to post shit online. Let’s call blogs “short stories“. Yeah I like it more. I still don’t have a word for blogger, but I will find it.

To introduce that topic let me say that travelling abroad is not the only way that someone can find himself/herself. You are not mature enough until you are able to go back home as a new person, after being far away living/studying/working for some time. In my case, I will start in Christmas 2015-2016, my first travel back home. This will be the first short story.

It was going to be a short “holiday” in Barcelona to disconnect from the stress of the first months of master in the Netherlands. I think I started this trip the 18th of December and I had to come back the 4th of Januray bacause the lectures started that day. Non-sense for me because I was going to miss one of the most important days of Christmas in my family, the “Three Wise Man Day”. I am not a religious believer though. This doesn’t make any sense right? Why if I do not believe in god I celebrate a TOP religious day as it is the Epyphany day? I think it is more about the illusion. The illusion (and at the same time excitement) that grows in children during that day. I won’t change anything in the world to see their faces when they see the Three Wise Man during the parades that we celebrate in the cities and villages of my country (you can se some of them on the photos down here). Everybody is the best actor for a while, and I love it.


My parents expected me on the 19th of December. I don’t really know how I did it but I found a screenshot of a flight that was travelling to Barcelona from Amsterdam on the 19th (guys please, be careful on what you share… a screenshot of your flight is NOT a good idea). So I sent it to my parents to proof that I would be there on the 19th. I was lying of course, I wanted to make a surprise to them by arriving one day before, unexpectedly. As spanish say: Come back home for Christmas, like the turron. If you don’t know what “turron” is you can check the photos below. It is a typical sweet that we eat for Christmas. The only problem of that surprise was the time. I was supposed to arrive to Barcelona at 11pm, one friend was going to drive me home and a neighbour was supposed to open the door of the building to me. So, it was easy, I only had to knock on the door of my house. Nevertheless I arrived later than expected, it was almost midnight. I was talking to my dad (before and after the flight) to keep them awake a bit longer. You know, they get older and they tend to go to sleep a bit earlier. I even told them that I was preparing the luggage in the Netherlands while I was walking upstairs to my house.


So there I was, in front of my door, with winter (real winter) clothes and 2 bags. Of course, I was sweating a lot, not only because of the clothes but also because I was a bit nervious, I don’t want to lie to you. So I knocked the door, a couple of times. I could hear my father talking to my mum in a wierd way, something like: “Did someone knocked the door? Now after midnight? Something must have happened”. Then he opened and you can imagine how the situation was. I have to say that I don’t have any brothers or sisters, so I am the favourite of my parents (well, maybe the dog is the favourite… At least she doesn’t complain when there is something that she doesn’t like). I recomend you to do these kind of surprises, maybe not arriving home at midnight (you can generate a heart attack to your mum), but somehting that people that you love don’t expect. Something different out of the routine of Whatsapp or Facebook, for example. And not only to your parents, also to your friends.

Nevertheless, these travels back-home have become a way to meet with friends and family again after several months. Normally I don’t have time for myself in those trips (I don’t really want it, I prefer to move and stay with the people that probably I won’t see face to face in months). For that christmas we organized a paintball with some friends, several dinners (like the one for Innocent’s day) and a visit of one friend from the Netherlands, which I hope will become a routinary acitivity from that moment. With that friend, a crazy little turkish girl from Ankara, we visited Barcelona and travelled to the north of Catalonia. I say “we” because Aina, the other catalan girl that came with me to the Netherlands, was also there. These days were amazing. I’ve always liked to visit my country, and now even more if I can show it to my international friends. Here are some photos of that days, dinners and stuff.


That Christmas was very special for me. I think I will always remember the Christmas of 2015-2016, specially the 25th of December. In my family it is tradition to get all together and go for lunch somewhere. Now we change every year. I think that we are REALLY difficult to please, and we just keep on looking for the perfect place, which doesn’t exist (unfortunately). I remember that day as something very important, one day I’ll tell you why. Nevertheless, the best was about to come. What I started on August 2015 would continue in 2016. I never expected that 2016 was going to be the best year of my life, for the moment. I’d like to tell you everything in short stories and chapters. I hope I will manage to organize this tree of memories. See you soon (or maybe it would be better to say: write you soon!).

PS: I didn’t say it before but the photos of the Three Wise Man parade are not mine, I had to take them from Google Images because I am a mess and my hard disk died some weeks ago. You can find them and more searching by: “Cavalcada de reis Barcelona”.

Salut! 🙂


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