What should we do when we don’t know what to do? Should we always be doing new things? Or is it better to keep calmed somewhere, close to the ones that love you as much as you love them. Maybe you won’t have hundreds of friends in Facebook. Probably you won’t meet thousands of people during your life. But is it what you really want? Don’t you want to simply be happy? If we keep moving all the time it is possible to live uncomfortable experiences that make us think something like: “If I had known that this was about to happen I would have stayed home” or “I wish I never had the idea to do this”. I am sure most of us have had these type of thoughts at a certain point in our lives. If we keep moving all the time we won’t have our own land, our own country. Somewhere that would make us proud to say: “I am from that place”. This can also mean: “My friends are from that place, as well as the places I’ve worked, the jobs I’ve had and the experiences I’ve lived”. One can think that it is harder to say this if you keep moving all the time.

New experiences and memories are done day after day, following our routine activities. It is part of the moment when you truly generate the roots of who you are. Keep doing always the same type of things will help us to expertise in a short but rich range of very specific and concrete parts of our lives. Lifetime jobs, hobbies and friends will ensure that our memories will always be part of a group. Maybe they are not as extensive as the ones that you could have generated by living in 10 different countries for less than 1 year in each of them (exaggeration alert!¡). But at least they could be found somewhere. They would easily be reached and reminded. At least they won’t be spread all around this globalized world where we live in. They won’t be in a no man’s land.

If you didn’t realize it yet I would like to say that I am trying to make a point with these paragraphs, the contradiction (now the header photo makes a bit more sense, no?). I used this explanation following the First Post I made. One may think that these words are ridiculous. Others would sarcastically say: “what type of amazing experience could you expect from the routine? It is boring”. And I would answer: I agree, but routine is something necessary. We learn a lot from routine. Without routine we don’t have time enough to put in order our mind. To put in order what we learned from our previous experiences. “Wait there fella! Didn’t you criticise the routine in your first post? Talking about moving out, changing our hobbies, job and country… This doesn’t make any sense, I won’t read you anymore” (please don’t do it, if you continue reading you’ll find a surprise at the end!).

I like to define this as contradiction, and it is everywhere around us. What we do, what we say, what we see, what we listen. Why shouldn’t we also consider the routine as something good if it kind of defines what we do, what we see, what we touch and what we listen every day? For me the routine is our present. Experiences represent our future and memories are the representation of our lived experiences, they are our past. It may sound like a broad explanation of reality, but humans tend to simplify everything to make it easier to understand. I understand it this way, as easy and simple as possible.

Routine gives us a different type of experience. It gives us the chance to get used to something. This is not possible when you keep moving. This way it helps us to feel more confident in routine actions such as driving a car or preparing for an exam. In my opinion these types of actions are only possible in a “routine environment” (I tried to study while travelling and well… let’s say it could have worked better. Once you are settled at your destiny it is easier). Once I read somewhere that one person needs around 10.000 hours to expertise in something, from sports to music. Routine gives us this time.

Even if you keep moving and meeting new people and places you can be part of a new routine. Way different than the one that you wouldhave lived at home with your parents when you were younger, that’s true. But this is fine! You’ll make your new friends and places where you live part of your new routine. Now you’ll have more than one routine. And we arrive to the very fucking summit of this reflexion (is it a reflexion? I don’t really know). When you are able to make a routine from travelling, moving out… or anything related with leaving your home country, is when you are able to truly feel alive (sorry I had to say it). You won’t ever be alive if you have only met one routine, “one reality”. If you were never able to open your mind and go meet the world where we live. Be contradictory.

And I won’t write anymore. I think it is enough. Thank you for reading this crazy-nonsense writings that I do siting on my sofa at the end of the day. I want to make writing and reading part of my routine.

Oh yes, wait I almost forgot! Nowadays the situation in this world is a bit complicated. The ice of the poles is melting, the global average temperature is uncontrollably increasing, the rain forests that keep the CO2 balance of the atmosphere are disappearing, species that has lived in this planet thousands of years before we started to walk are becoming extinguished… With this panorama I’d like to recommend you to go out and meet this world as soon as possible. Go make another routine, different from the one that you are now living. Go and do it before than people such us Trump or Le Pen destroy its beauty, believing there is no climate change.

The count of today’s reading is 1036 words. Not bad to finish the day with a stupid lecture without photos.


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