Starting a new memory

Some months ago I started a new memory in my life, a new part of my Thoughts. Probably you won’t care at all about this story. If this is the case, I propose you two options. On the one hand, you should probably stop reading and continue doing whatever you were doing before to get to that webpage. Probably something that was more significant to you. We should never be doing something that isn’t important or relevant for us. Sometimes it is good to be a bit selfish. On the other hand, I challenge you to keep reading (kind of predictable option, isn’t it?). This post is not supposed to be a summary of my life, but an explanation of what a memory, a new experience and friendship mean to me. I think it might be interesting to read (you can always leave a comment bellow to show how boring it was).

Anyway, for me new memories start when we get out of our routine situations. I wanted to put several examples of what it truly means, but all of them were related with moving, moving forward to a new house, moving to another country, moving to a new job… etc. This is the main point that comes to my mind when I talk with my friends and family about the experiences I’ve been living during last year. Memories are formed by the experiences we live and, even though we can live several experiences staying at home or at our “area of comfort”, those ones are not as strong as the ones you could face by doing something different. Something unexpected. Something that may require some courage and will  for sure generate some difficulties at certain moments. But, believe me, it is also something that will be, for example, as worthy as observe the Earth from the space (I’ve never done it, but I believe it must be breathtaking). When you face the change is when it really starts a new memory.

And changes are good. We will live around 660 thousand hours (around 28 thousand days) in average. The first thousands of them will feel like minutes as we keep growing up. And it all has to be with our perception of time. How our memories retain more the short-term experiences than the old ones. When we are only 1 year old this year is all what we have lived until that moment. When we are 2, that year is half of what we have lived, and so on, every year our perception of time keeps reducing. When we are 80, one year feels like an 80th part of our first year of live. This is only less than 5 days! For this reason, it is useful to try to make our time as long as possible. Living more experiences will make our memory to be full of new information that need to be processed and our perception of the time will be different. At least it will be better than keep doing everyday the same monotonous things.


Do something different, something that may help your mind to be focused on processing new knowledge.

An experience itself can be a lot of things. From watching a group of musicians in the street on a sunny day in Barcelona for Saint George’s Day (yes, I am from Barcelona and I madly love it) to landing on the most remote island of the Pacific with the only company of a bottle of water and a map. From going to the beach that you always go with your old friends to hiking in the middle of the snow and the hail, crossing rivers and rainforests, to the steepest peak in New Zealand. They are all important for our memories. They help us to be the person that we are at the end of the “track”. But it is important to live them. Sitting in front of a computer screen is not the best example ever. However, if what you see in the screen is something like this post (blink to me), it is a different type of experience, probably more enriching, than playing a computer game or watching how another person plays it and uploads it to Youtube. It is up to you the content that you want to see or not in your computer, but this is another topic.

At the end it can all be summarized as friendship. From a more general point of view, any type of relation can give you enough experiences to be part of your memories for ever. Our mind keeps better with whom we did something than what we did itself. Unfortunatelly we won’t meet as many people as we would probably like. Remember that we have 29 thousand days. Let’s say we meet a person every week since we are a little useless baby. This would be around 4 thousand people. I think my neighbourhood is bigger. For this reason I think it is even more important to keep moving, to keep changing anything that until this moment was a routine. Just to make our time as long and rich as possible.

Finally I would like to know if you were one of the persons that didn’t give a shit about this story but kept reading until the end. If this is the case, I hope it was an interesting reading. Maybe these 5 minutes I took from your life were useful to make you start a new memory.

This is my plan at that moment, when it is 00:40 am here in Christchurch, New Zealand. What is yours?


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